Why Riyad Mahrez should shed reluctant hero

We need to talk about Riyadh Mahrez. Because, Riyadh Mahrez doesn’t really like to talk about Riyadh Mahrez.

Manchester City is known for its Algerian international media treatment. One of the most unique and successful talents of modern football, Mahrez remains an enigma; Intelligent, instantly recognizable, yet in very small quantities.

Many fans struggle to remember how his voice sounds. Although he has over 5.5 million members on Instagram and over 2.2 million on Twitter, he is mostly behind the scenes behind the scenes, with most footballers enjoying match action shots. Teams of PR warriors do not shout their victories from the roofs.

It’s a shame. One of the greatest Arab football players of all time certainly deserves more. Other than that, when there is talk of the biggest Arab or African footballers to play in Europe, Mahrez rarely comes up.

A strong performance in the Mini-Champions League tournament over the next few weeks could start with a 16 second leg round with Real Madrid on Friday, throwing some gold dust on an already outstanding career.



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