WhatsApp Web works the same as the mobile app. After signing in, you can send messages from the desktop version of the application.

Simply choose a chat icon or click ‘new chat’ to start a new one. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see previous chats and a message bar. Type a message and press Enter to transmit it. Then, you can switch back to the mobile version of the app to read and reply to messages.

The main downside to WhatsApp Web is that it is not compatible with all media. You can download photos, videos, and audio files but you can’t download entire videos or audio files.

Besides, you can’t use WhatsApp Web to send or receive messages from multiple accounts at the same time. Also, WhatsApp Web doesn’t allow you to automatically download any file.

If you’re looking to send or receive messages from multiple accounts, you need to install the official app.

While WhatsApp has many benefits, there are some important differences between the desktop and web versions of the service. The desktop version is optimized for touch input, while the web version is optimized for typing on the keyboard.

You can’t make phone calls with the web client, nor can you share location or maps. However, the web version allows you to view the conversations and message history from multiple accounts. If you don’t have a desktop computer, you can use WhatsApp to see who’s online and offline.

There are two ways to use WhatsApp on the web. The first is by installing the app on your computer. After installing the app, you can sign into the web version using the same device.

While you can’t access WhatsApp on the website, you can still view all the messages and conversations from your phone.

The only problem with this feature is that WhatsApp hasn’t released an official desktop application yet, so if you’re looking for it, you’ll need to download it first.

The next disadvantage of WhatsApp Web is its lack of features. You can’t make video calls or send pictures, and you can’t share your location or maps with your contacts. Moreover, WhatsApp Web doesn’t let you see messages from other accounts. To use WhatsApp on the desktop, you’ll have to have a smartphone with a working rear camera and an active internet connection.

And then, you’ll need a web browser that supports the latest version of WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Web can also be used to send files. You can send images, videos, and documents from the web.

Incoming messages can’t be replied to, but you can view them and reply. Incoming messages will remain unread until you click ‘forward’. And if you’re abroad, you’ll have to wait until you’re back to your phone to see the messages. Luckily, WhatsApp’s website offers web access for its users.


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