Marble countertop costs between $2,000 and $five,000, with most owners paying around $three,000. This stone is a famous countertop desire for its beauty and durability. With many types and finishes, marble’s rate can vary. Let’s discover the specifics of every kind and the value factors to make a greater informed selection.

Marble Countertop Costs by Type
Marble is a metamorphic stone. It is available in specific colours, patterns, veining and thickness.


This marble is from the Italian area Carrara. Calacatta has a ambitious white historical past with darkish golden veins. One of the most high-priced options, averaging at $one hundred eighty in keeping with rectangular foot.

Homeowners use Carrara for countertops. Its feature colors are a whitish, bluish-grey historical past and mild grey veining, making it best for the kitchen and toilet. This marble typically is available in 2 to a few inches thick slabs; its average charge is $40 in line with rectangular foot.

As a synthetic marble, Cultured marble can healthy any home decor style and hues, making it very attractive for house owners. It averages $sixty five per square foot.

Danby marble has a white to off-white background and darkish gray veins. It has a different luxurious and accelerated appearance frequently used on floors. It averages approximately $80 in line with square foot.

Many kitchens have Makrana countertops because of their density and affordability. It comes from India. Makrana has a creamy white heritage with mild grey veins. It has a mean price of $12 per square foot.

From Turkey, purple marble has particular rose and golden tones with crimson veins. It’s generally pre-ordered because it’s no longer so famous. It averages between $25 to $30 according to square foot.


Statuario is a costly cloth for cutting-edge kitchen counter tops. This marble has a white heritage and grey and gold veins. The average is $50 per rectangular foot.

Travertine is also known as black marble. It has more than a few gray and brown heritage colorations. It’s used for counter tops because of its sturdiness and different look. It averages $75 in step with rectangular foot.

Marble Countertop Cost Breakdown
Here are some factors that decide the price of marble countertops.

Marble Slab Size and Thickness
The maximum lower priced countertops have slabs that are 3mm thick. Homeowners seeking out a more expensive appearance choose a thicker stone of 5mm. There are general counters among these measures. Likewise, the dimensions of the slab may also affect the fee. The wider the slab, the extra pricey the marble will be, as that is used to keep vein styles.

Edge Design
Square and eased edges are counter tops finishes. They can have an effect on the fee of the marble installation. They have a mean price between $10 and $12 in keeping with linear foot. There are greater high priced ones. Double bevel, Dupont square, and Cole Smith finishes can run between $36 and $40 consistent with linear foot.

The common cost of the marble for a countertop will rely on its grading. The grading scale degrees from A to D:

A Grading. This marble has subtle colorations and few veins. It has minor flaws, isn’t chipped or wasn’t damaged during delivery. This is the maximum high priced marble.
B Grading. This marble can comprise minor and left out flaws. The slab can also appear cracked.
C Grading. This marble has extra flaws and appears a lot extra chipping.
D Grading. This marble has chips and a few flaws. This kind has brighter colorations and darker veins. It’s the cheapest alternative.
The type of finish also can add to the very last fee of marble counter tops:

Honed finish. A honed finish can cost between $10 and $20 in line with square foot. Most marble types can take care of a honed end. It offers the countertop a clean, matte finish. It additionally gives the countertop a moderate sheen, displaying greater wear and marks than a hard-honed finish.
Leathered finish. The average fee of leather-based finish tiers from $20 to $30. Here, the fabricator rotates a diamond-tipped brush over the surface. This attains the uneven texture of this finish. The leather finish does not have a reflective surface. Not all marble sorts are strong enough to have it.
Caressed end. Caressed finishing can price among $30 and $35. In caressed completing, they polish the best part of the marble. The completed result has a mild shine except the texture of the leathering. This is one of the most specific finishes because not all fabricators offer it.
Labor prices are commonly among $35 and $45 in step with hour. Projects take around 10 hours. The average pay is around $350 to $450 for the service. This charge doesn’t include the cost of substances.

Additional Costs to Consider
Some different elements can affect the entire fee of marble countertops.

Removal and Disposal of Old Countertops
The common removal and disposal of vintage counter tops price between $one hundred and $350. The charge of disposing of old countertops will depend upon their size and the organization’s expenses for this activity.